Tuesday, 1 March 2016



TIP-1-Sarson ke tel mein pyaaz ka ras milaye.
Phir is tel se jodo par malish kare.Malish karne 
se jodo ke dard mein aaram milega.

TIP -2
10 gram ajwain ka tel
10 gram peppermint
20 gram kapoor
Teeno ko milakar botal mein bhar lein.Iski 
kuch boonden dard wale sthan par lagane se 
dard mein aaram milti hain.Ye jodo ka dard,
kamar dard,pasli ka dard aur sir dard mein 
labhkari hai.

gathiya ke dard me seb khane se bahut fayda hota hai
sab ke sevan se shareer me uric acid ki matra kam ho 
jati hai isliye gathiya ke marijo ko seb ka sevan jaroor 
karna chahiye.


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