Thursday 26 May 2016


Dil Ki Bimari Me Fayda
Angoor dil ki kamzori ko door karne ke liye bahut faydemand hota hai Dil ke rogiyo ko rozana angoor khana chahiye isse khasi me bhi aaraam milta hai.

Haddiyan Majboot Hoti Hai
Angoor muhason ko sukhane me madad krta hai isko roz khane se haddiyan mazboot hoti hai..

Migraine Me Fayda
Migraine se pareshan logon k liye Angoor ka ras faydemand hota hai 
kuch waqt tak angoor ka ras peene se is samasya se nijat payi ja sakti hai.

Bhook Bhadaye
Agar apko bhook nahi lagti hai or is wajah se apka wazan nahi badh 
pa raha to bhi aap angoor ka ras piye isse apko bhook lagne lagegi.

Blood Infection,Tb Me Fayda
Angoor me sodium, potassium, sitric acid, fluoride, potassium sulphate, or magnesium paya jata hai... T.b,,cancer,, or blood-infection jesi bimariyon me ye mukhya roop se faydemand hai.

Baalo Ke Girne Ko Rokta Hai 
Body me potassium ki kami se Baal bhot toot te hai, daant hilne lagte hai,tavcha dheele hone lagti hai,jodo me dard hone lagta sabhi rogon ko angoor door rakhta hai...


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